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Month: February 2017

Sleep training?

Sleep training?

Originally, our plan for helping Sydney learn to go to sleep by herself was to do a little bedtime/nap routine, give her the little bunny lovey we got for her, and put her in the crib. Awake. And somehow she would just drift off to sleep, according to the several sleep books I read. Ok, I told myself. You can do this, just give it at least a week. Reid was sleeping better after a weekend of sleep training when he was a baby. Sydney should be no problem!

Her main issue is the pacifier- she can’t go to sleep without it. That resulted in putting her down either totally asleep (which could take 20-90 minutes) or dashing upstairs every 5 seconds because the damn pacifier had fallen out. Again. One time she was literally holding it in her hand- she had taken it out herself. This was at naptime too. I felt like a prisoner in her room. So, we figured if she could fall asleep without it, our problems would be solved!

I lasted 2 days. 😫

She caught on at bedtime pretty quickly. The first night Sydney fell asleep in about 45 minutes, and it got better from there. Naps, however – and Sydney takes up to 4 a day – were a total disaster. She’d cry for an hour each time, and by the end of the second day she was so tired that she could barely stay awake for her bottle and fell asleep while I was burping her. So I decided I couldn’t do this anymore and maybe we needed to slow it down a little. 

So a week or so later, she goes down for bed pretty easily without a pacifier which is awesome. Naps are still a crapshoot, but what we are doing is working for us. 

I think that’s the takeaway here- do what works for you. If rocking your baby or nursing her to sleep works for you, then don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong! It just wasn’t feasible anymore for us. 

That’s pretty much the approach I condone for the rest parenting as well. We don’t restrict screen time and other families do. We are psychopaths about our kids’ bedtimes and other parents are way flexible. It all evens out, so just do what makes you and your family happy!

Week One

Week One

One week down, five to go with this elimination diet. This week has been hard- staring at the bag of candy we use for potty training and NOT shoveling any into my mouth has been difficult. And not being able to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day is a habit that’s going to be hard to break. I stare at the wine rack above the fridge and whisper “I’ll see you soon” like a totally normal and well-functioning adult.

But, I made it. I’ve gone an entire week without cheese, booze, or sugar, among other things. Not having eggs in the morning is tough, but I’ve embraced oatmeal (sort of).

I’m really looking forward to how I’ll look and feel at the end of this- I’m guessing limitless energy and supermodel body? Seems reasonable for giving up sugar and wine for 6 weeks. Especially while raising a tyrant preschooler and a baby. The Oscars are tonight and instead of my standard glass of champagne while red carpet watching, I’m having grapefruit flavored sparkling water in a champagne glass.

My taste buds aren’t fooled.

And while we’re on the subject, quinoa mac & cheese is NOT a good substitute for the real thing. Neither is cauliflower rice for regular rice, cauliflower mash for mashed potatoes, or really cauliflower anything. I have nothing against cauliflower, but honestly- it does NOT taste “just like mashed potatoes.” You know what does? Potatoes. With cream, and butter, and some garlic.

5 more weeks, 5 more weeks…

Sleep on it

Sleep on it

Last night Reid hosted his first sleepover. His cousin Brekk came over, and let me just say that Reid is Brekk’s #1 fan. The boys were so great together, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Once they fell asleep around 9, I thought we all did a pretty great job.

Then 3:30am came.

Sydney woke up and was fussing in her crib, so I plugged her up with a pacifier and prayed that’s all she needed. Then I heard little footsteps coming from where the boys were sleeping, so I popped my head in to check. Brekk wanted to know when it would be morning, and Reid was out of bed wanting to know if he could get up for the day. I said no, it’s the middle of the night, and don’t you know how lucky you are to get like 12 solid hours of sleep if you wanted to? Reid didn’t like that answer and started throwing a fit. I just left and went back to bed, figuring Brekk would calm him down since he’s almost 6 and practically of babysitting age.

At 4:00, Reid still wasn’t back in bed. Kirk handled this one, and reported to me this morning that Reid demanded a 4am nail trimming. That he wanted to do himself. So, Kirk got the nail clippers and Reid had a 4am pedicure like a normal person.

At 6:45, the boys got up. Not because they were done sleeping, but because Reid had been jacking around with the alarm clock (probably before his pedi) and turned on the alarm. Definitely taking that out of the room next time.

Overall, everyone had fun and Brekk was super well-behaved. I love seeing them together and hope we have many more of these in our future. ❤

Day One

Day One

Well, day one is in the books. In terms of the diet, it was pretty successful. I never felt very hungry, and the stuff I am allowed to have is pretty good. Like Siete almond flour tortillas- I almost prefer them to regular flour tortillas. Basically, this diet was the easy part of my day today.

What was NOT easy today were my little angels. Reid didn’t have school because of Presidents’ Day, so we spend the morning definitely doing Pinterest-worthy crafts and not at all watching tv in pajamas until 11am. Sydney celebrated the holiday by refusing to sleep practically at all. And then, in solidarity with his sister, Reid didn’t nap and they both showed their strong opinions and displeasure for basically everything all freaking afternoon. Kirk and I had been talking about doing some sleep training for Little Miss FOMO, and this pretty much sealed the deal.

So, this is day one of the elimination diet and day one of sleep training. Touchy subject, I know. We did a modified cry it out method with Reid when he was about Syd’s age, and that worked great for him. I’m hoping she gets the hang of it after a few days, because we are TIRED. Bedtime went ok- she was asleep after about 40 minutes.

Stay tuned, because it’s the middle of the night wakings that scare me the most!😳

The diet starts tomorrow

The diet starts tomorrow

No, seriously. It does. The elimination diet, which appears to eliminate all fun, starts tomorrow. I feel semi-prepared, which is good. Super-prepared would be better, although I don’t think I’ll ever get there.

I keep reminding myself of why I am doing this. Because I’m tired of not feeling well. I’m tired of being anxious most of the time, about something. I’m tired of feeling like I don’t have control over my emotions. I’m tired of being tired.

Mothers tend to cut themselves a lot of slack, which isn’t necessarily bad. We do a LOT. Our jobs are 24/7, and we are some of the most badass and efficient creatures on earth. I don’t know what I did with my time before I had kids- how did I think I was “busy?” But I have found myself indulging at the end of the day- wine, treats, sitting on the couch- nearly every day. Just because I made it to the end of the day and kept us all alive. Granted, many days, this is no easy task. I have a small baby who must be with someone at all times or she flips out, and a preschooler who they wrote those “strong-willed child” books for. Strong-willed is the nice way of putting it.

But this has become the norm rather than the exception. One glass of Cabernet turns into two, sometimes three. Chocolate after dinner turns into a treat after lunch AND dinner. And it doesn’t make me feel better- often, the opposite.

I am excited to see how this experiment goes. It’s only 6 weeks of my life.

Happy mama=happy family.

Putting the “fun” in Functional Medicine

Putting the “fun” in Functional Medicine

So. I had heard of the Functional Medicine Center at the Cleveland Clinic, like, 18 months ago. I was on the wait list for a full YEAR before getting an appointment in early January! I had forgotten I even made the damn appointment until I got a call after Christmas saying my name was up on the wait list. Well, ok then! The woman in the phone then said “you know this is a 4 hour appointment, right?”

Umm, no. I did not. 😳

So, I arranged for childcare (thanks to my husband and mother-in-law) and looked at exactly what this thing entails. Functional medicine aims to treat the root problem in disease rather than the symptoms. Someone described it as having a rock in your shoe- usually docs prescribe a medication for the pain. Functional medicine says “let’s take the rock out.” It involves a lot of dietary stuff, supplements, and some lifestyle changes. The health questionnaire that I filled out before my appointment took me about 90 minutes (probably more, between pleas for more snacks from Reid and incessant rocking for Sydney). I had to call my mom a couple times to ask how long I was breastfed, when did I first have dairy, etc.

This thing was intense.

So, I went to my appointment. The center is really new- everything is super modern and clean. There seems to be a mandate that no color enters this space. I met with a doctor for an hour, got TWELVE vials of blood drawn, managed to not pass out, met with a nutritionist for an hour, and a health coach for about 30 minutes. It was… a lot of information.

I walked out of there not know what I was going to do. I really didn’t want to spend 6-8 weeks without all the foods I had grown pretty accustomed to shoving in my face during my pregnancy, postpartum period, and holiday season. Things like desserts, wine, pasta, and more-than-just-occasional fast food.

Plus, the timing just wasn’t right. I had a cooking class in a couple weeks that was basically all dairy, then my birthday was a few weeks after that, then our anniversary, then Kirk’s and Reid’s birthdays. And then it would be summer, and who wants to give up all that stuff during summer? That’s when I realized- the timing will never be right. I’ll never have 6 weeks with no plans, no celebrations, no real life. If I wanted real change, I had to work it in somehow.

So I decided. Mid-February to early April, I would do the elimination diet. I have no idea how this is going to go, and giving up booze while dealing with a 3.5 year old and a baby seems exceptionally cruel.

Happy thoughts and prayers are appreciated!😳