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Month: June 2017

Greetings from Cloud 9

Greetings from Cloud 9

So, I don’t want to beat a dead horse. Everyone has been talking about how hot it’s been the past few days. But…it’s hot. Like, seriously hot. I have been sweating non-stop for 72 hours. We have no air conditioning in the house, and it also broke in my car. Luckily we have access to a pool, so that’s where we lived this weekend. Yesterday we took the boat out with some friends, and despite the child:adult ratio being a little off, it was a great time. Syd’s first boat ride, and she was awesome.

Then we all went to the pool and the kids barely left the water. Sydney was about 3 hours late for her nap, so I tried rocking her to sleep in 90 degree heat. Fun times.


Regardless, we had a fabulous weekend. I am normally not somebody that absolutely loves summer, since I have a four degree range where I’m comfortable, but this weekend made me happy that it’s here.

Anyway- today I had a follow up with my functional medicine doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. I love it there- I leave feeling so great about the direction my health is taking. We basically just chatted about the supplements/meds I’m taking, what we should switch up or stop, and where to go from here. I was pretty happy with how I’m feeling, until she read my body composition test numbers- I went from happy to ecstatic. I had done the test in January at my initial appointment, and then again today. The body comp test measures your hydration level, body fat percentage, and lean muscle mass. My hydration level increased by a lot. I went from 97# of muscle to 119#. My body fat percentage went from 42% (yikes) to 19%. NINETEEN. Now, I’m not suggesting this is totally accurate. But it’s probably half of what it used to be. I feel so incredible with this information. To see the results on paper is an indescribable feeling. Sometimes I kick myself for not doing this sooner.

One of the first people I called after my appointment was my crossfit coach. He was, of course, super happy with these results. He reminded me of where I was when we first started working together- 35 weeks pregnant, tired, frustrated, ready to give up. I felt like I could barely do anything. Now- I feel pretty damn unstoppable most of the time. I haven’t done anything that crazy, either- just cut out a lot of crap. I’m not suggesting this is easy, but it IS worth it. I’ve said this before, but I cannot emphasize enough how much of an effect this has had on my self-confidence. I am actually, legitimately, happy.

And I’m not done yet.