34 trips around the sun 

34 trips around the sun 

I turned 34 over the weekend. It was a pretty tame event- being on this elimination diet cuts down on a lot of party favorites, like champagne and cake. I ended up tweaking a paleo recipe and made my own damn cake-  carrot cake layered cheesecake. It. Was. Phenomenal.

It was so good. I couldn’t believe it! And, my family liked it too, and they are not ones to experiment with alternative flours or gluten-free anything. So that was definitely a win.

It was kind of weird to celebrate without my usual indulgences though. I’m a big fan of “go ahead, it’s your birthday.” Although I have trouble putting the brakes on- it can turn into “go ahead, it’s your birthday weekend/week/month” and things kind of snowball from there. So, aside from my little cake detour, there wasn’t anything off my elimination diet plan. And the birthday cake didn’t have any ingredients that were not allowed, but the honey/maple syrup content was higher than I should have had in a day.

But hey, it’s my birthday. 🎉

This past year has been a good one. I spent half of it pregnant, which was worth it for the end result but not something I care to do again, especially during the summer. We did some traveling, mostly for weddings or to see family, and expanded our own family from 3 to 4. There were some rough moments (see: third trimester during the hottest summer in years, also threenager tantrums) but overall things were good.

This upcoming year I would like to focus a little more on myself. That sounds kind of selfish, but I spent about 90% of my brain power thinking about Kirk or the kids. I’m currently writing this on my phone from nap jail (aka the glider in the nursery) because Sydney won’t sleep without being held this afternoon and my tiny girlfriend is a hot mess without a nap.

So yeah, I don’t do a lot for myself. I’d love to meet a friend for coffee or a drink more often, maybe actually blow dry my hair more than twice a month, get manicures regularly, that sort of thing. I find myself wanting to do things other than talk to people shorter than my hip, and that is ok! I felt a little guilty at first, because I chose to quit my job and stay at home. But I think that 34 is the Year of Sarah (not unlike the Summer of George?). Looking forward to what this year has in store for me (starting with a cooler summer and a drink by the pool)!

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