Day One

Day One

Well, day one is in the books. In terms of the diet, it was pretty successful. I never felt very hungry, and the stuff I am allowed to have is pretty good. Like Siete almond flour tortillas- I almost prefer them to regular flour tortillas. Basically, this diet was the easy part of my day today.

What was NOT easy today were my little angels. Reid didn’t have school because of Presidents’ Day, so we spend the morning definitely doing Pinterest-worthy crafts and not at all watching tv in pajamas until 11am. Sydney celebrated the holiday by refusing to sleep practically at all. And then, in solidarity with his sister, Reid didn’t nap and they both showed their strong opinions and displeasure for basically everything all freaking afternoon. Kirk and I had been talking about doing some sleep training for Little Miss FOMO, and this pretty much sealed the deal.

So, this is day one of the elimination diet and day one of sleep training. Touchy subject, I know. We did a modified cry it out method with Reid when he was about Syd’s age, and that worked great for him. I’m hoping she gets the hang of it after a few days, because we are TIRED. Bedtime went ok- she was asleep after about 40 minutes.

Stay tuned, because it’s the middle of the night wakings that scare me the most!😳

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