Dear Reid

Dear Reid

You are four! I remember talking about your 4th birthday in the hospital with your dad, because we knew that’s the day your birthday would fall on the Kentucky Derby. We had visions of a Derby-themed birthday party for you with cute little 4-year-old jockeys running around. We failed to realize that you, of course, would have your own 4-year-old ideas about your party. So no Derby birthday for you, but you are so excited to play at the Little Gym with all your friends!

You certainly do have lots of opinions about stuff. I know that these are qualities I will appreciate later in life, but they are big personality traits for a 4 year old. You like to tell us directions when we are driving, what you’d like at each meal, which books and songs you want at bedtime, and even who is going to get which slice of cake at your party. Spoiler: I made cupcakes to avoid this problem. You could be described as bossy, demanding, and strong willed; I prefer to describe you as a wonderful kid who knows what he wants, has determination, and doesn’t give up on the things he cares about.

I have so many wishes for you. I wish for you to be happy, to be kind, to love someone. I wish for you to find something in life that beings you joy. I have no doubt about that last one- you are a pretty happy kid.

I could go on, but I can already feel you rolling your eyes at me. You are so loved, my first baby, my sweet boy. Thank you for being the one who made me a mother. I love you. Happy birthday.

All my love,


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