Sleep on it

Sleep on it

Last night Reid hosted his first sleepover. His cousin Brekk came over, and let me just say that Reid is Brekk’s #1 fan. The boys were so great together, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Once they fell asleep around 9, I thought we all did a pretty great job.

Then 3:30am came.

Sydney woke up and was fussing in her crib, so I plugged her up with a pacifier and prayed that’s all she needed. Then I heard little footsteps coming from where the boys were sleeping, so I popped my head in to check. Brekk wanted to know when it would be morning, and Reid was out of bed wanting to know if he could get up for the day. I said no, it’s the middle of the night, and don’t you know how lucky you are to get like 12 solid hours of sleep if you wanted to? Reid didn’t like that answer and started throwing a fit. I just left and went back to bed, figuring Brekk would calm him down since he’s almost 6 and practically of babysitting age.

At 4:00, Reid still wasn’t back in bed. Kirk handled this one, and reported to me this morning that Reid demanded a 4am nail trimming. That he wanted to do himself. So, Kirk got the nail clippers and Reid had a 4am pedicure like a normal person.

At 6:45, the boys got up. Not because they were done sleeping, but because Reid had been jacking around with the alarm clock (probably before his pedi) and turned on the alarm. Definitely taking that out of the room next time.

Overall, everyone had fun and Brekk was super well-behaved. I love seeing them together and hope we have many more of these in our future. ❤

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